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Warwick University - Food Photography

I interrupt the usual broadcast to bring something a bit different to the table - food photography.

Through my work with hotels, Iā€™m often asked if I photograph food and until now, I had referred it another specialist and kept to what I know best, interiors. However, earlier in the year I was feeling up for a fresh challenge and when asked by Warwick University if I would make some imagery of the food and beverage offerings at the various outlets across campus, I was inspired to give it a go. I got stuck into some online training and was relieved to see quite a lot of transferable skills from my techniques with interiors photography.

I think what made this specific enquiry the one to inspire me to have a go was that the client not only wanted to show the food but also wanted to create images that were unique to each venue. This meant including some props and backgrounds to contextualise the food, which satisfied the design-minded photographer in me.

Here are some of my favourites, followed by some behind the scenes shots. Do they make you feel hungry?


Behind the Scenes: